Creation Time - Day 2 - Animal husbandry and environment

Day 2 Animal husbandry and environment
The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds.” (2Sam 12,2)

The city life is risky for several reasons. On the one hand it cuts out from the natural process and makes some people rootless alike all the people: only the finished product are taken is hand by the citizen, but either the production or the disposal of refuse the citizen is absent. Today one of the most important world problem is the goods unequal distribution. In the city the arrogance appears as a constant threat, what intensify the inequality between people The rich man who has „a lot” he can easily forget about the other people, who has „less” for some reason. The arrogant rich man hadn’t noticed that in his heart a huge part is empty, what he can’t fill with his owned goods, but with personal love.