Creation Time - Day 7 - Exploitation and Injustice

Day 7 - Exploitation and Injustice

Rather he took the poor man's ewe lamb and prepared it for the man who had come to him.” (2Sam 12,4)

It is an ancient habit and instinctive gesture that what I see (at someone else), I want that. According to the write-down of the sin (1Móz 3.) the people have eatables, moreover we have everything, and still not pleased, because what we see, what we do not own, what is forbidden, that is what we want (too). And why? Because this is alluring. It promises that if somebody gets it, then one’s life will be well-being and happy. He will be like God. But the God’s country’s law works reversed: the mode of being in possession is addictive. The more we possess, the more poor we will be, because this leads us to unrest, as it is never enough what you have. Apostle Paul writes that from his own experience, that by faith we can learn about the contentment. The sunshine, the waters, the treasures under the ground, the forest’s tree, the field’s every flower – could everything be mine and other people’s at the same time? „All are yours, and you are Christ’s” (1Cor 3,22) – says Apostle Paul. Unfortunately the fieldland doesn’t produce equally at the different points of Earth. Could we teach the Decalogue authentically, where the people are starving? What the rich people and countries do with their goods? Why do we take away which is someone elses’s property? What kind of parent would be who pollutes his child’s water? That is what we do, when we do not think that what kind of land, debt and living facility come into our descendants. According to Kind David this behaviour is scandalous. But what about me? And us?